The Canon 5D Mark IV is Familiar

The looks, handling, and ergonomics of the camera are extremely similar to the Mark III. So much so, in fact, that I didn’t even shoot or practice with the new camera in my office or around my home before traveling to the Smoky Mountains. I just grabbed the camera, inserted a battery and CF card and started shooting. There are no new significant or reconfigured or reassigned buttons to learn and the menu bank is nearly the same as well. I could work the Mark II and Mark III in the dark – without the aid of a light, that’s how familiar the cameras were to me – so now the Mark IV is seamlessly integrated into my field work with nearly a zero learning curve. I’ve always loved the handling of the 5D series of DSLRs so this is a good thing.

One minor but convenient addition that I noticed right away, however, is a small, rectangular-shaped button right below the multi-directional joystick control. Canon calls this the “AF Area Selection Button.” This small customizable control provides a quick-access method of toggling through the camera’s many AF point arrangements. Nice.

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