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Studio87 | The Team | VLOG Intro

Hi!! I have decided to start my own vlog and this is the first one. You will be introduced to the team members of studio87 and get to know what will on offer from our vlogs. I have to say that my inspiration to start a vlog is Casey Niestat. I found out about him about 3 months ago and started following his channel. Although his vlogs were daily, and yes I say were because he has cancelled his daily vlogs now, still it gave me the inspiration to start my own. These vlogs will be completely different from his or any other daily vlogger because firstly this would be mostly weekly and secondly it would be concerned with out studio’s behind the scene footage and would explain the process with which we approach our productions or photoshoots. We would be, in process, trying to teach the tricks and techniques we use in our work and would try to guide other beginners of these fields.Well we hope these vlogs will be a source of education and fun all our viewers, so if you like our effort don’t forget to subscribe to keep yourself up to date with our latest work. […]