Studio87 | The Team | VLOG Intro

Hi!! I have decided to start my own vlog and this is the first one. You will be introduced to the team members of studio87 and get to know what will on offer from our vlogs. I have to say that my inspiration to start a vlog is Casey Niestat. I found out about him about 3 months ago and started following his channel. Although his vlogs were daily, and yes I say were because he has cancelled his daily vlogs now, still it gave me the inspiration to start my own. These vlogs will be completely different from his or any other daily vlogger because firstly this would be mostly weekly and secondly it would be concerned with out studio’s behind the scene footage and would explain the process with which we approach our productions or photoshoots. We would be, in process, trying to teach the tricks and techniques we use in our work and would try to guide other beginners of these fields.Well we hope these vlogs will be a source of education and fun all our viewers, so if you like our effort don’t forget to subscribe to keep yourself up to date with our latest work. […]

Portrait Tip: Provide A Road Map

Have you ever gone on a little road trip or a hike with a friend and they didn’t tell you where you were going or how long it would take to get there? Not knowing these kinds of details makes it difficult to know what to pack or how to schedule your day and it would probably make you a little frustrated. Similarly, most folks don’t know how a photo shoot is supposed to go, and maybe the last shoot they were in was done differently than the way you do things. If you provide a road map for the shoot, your clients will be more comfortable and much more cooperative. Before the Shoot Whether you’re a pro or making pictures for your neighbor, your subjects expect that you know more about what’s going on than they do. You should provide some tips to help them get ready for the shoot. Models will ask if they should be camera-ready or if there is an MUA (makeup artist) and stylist. Take that as a cue to tell your client some suggestions for clothing and styling. Send an email a few days ahead of time and suggest they wear makeup (if they […]

Lightroom FAQ: What are Smart Collections?

Smart collections allow you to harness the power of the database inside of Lightroom by leveraging the information contained in your photo’s metadata.  Plus, any additional data you may have added (like keywords, titles, captions, etc.), to automate the process of finding, grouping, and organizing your photos in meaningful ways. You can think of smart collections simply as saved searches that run automatically. Smart collections are just one of three types of collections you can find in the Collections panel. If you click the plus arrow sign in the header of the Collections panel, you can access the menu command for creating each type of collection. In addition to the Smart Collection, there is the regular Collection type, which is useful for manually grouping photos together based on a common theme or purpose, and the Collection Set, which are essentially containers for other collections and enable the creation of an organizing structure for your various collections. So for example, you might have a Collection Set named for a trip or event, and then within that set, you could have a combination of regular collections and smart collections that contain relevant photos.  These can be grouped together based on any criteria […]